Instruction how to sell / buy

  1. Scan through the existing offers (scroll and press “ Call seller “ for more details), or leave your own request for buying / selling (press Add request).
  2. Wait till your request passes moderation and / or extra checks by’s specialists.
  3. Start receiving calls from interested buyers and sellers!

Video Instruction

  •'s bureau de change (BDC) 'market' where buyers of foreign exchange meet sellers is one which has been helping bridge the gap in forex trading since the end of February 2016.
  • The platform was created to ease trading on foreign exchange for Nigerians who had been yearning for a place where they can meet with real buyers and vice-versa.
  • However, there are some who still do not have a clear understanding of how it operates and have asked a few questions on several occasions.

Frequency asked questions (FAQ)

  1. Question: Can we be trading foreign currency directly from
    Answer: No, is only an online intermediary between buyers and sellers who place their requests on our platform for free.
  2. Question: Where should the meeting point be when an agreement is made with a prospective client?
    Answer: The best meeting place for customers is in a banking hall. The buyer and the seller should decide between themselves directly, during a chat or a call.
  3. Question: As a seller, can I hand over my foreign currency to to sell?
    Answer: No, does not receive money from anybody for trading. We have only provided a real-time platform where you can meet potential customers.
  4. Question: How do we identify fake currencies?
    Answer: As stated above, when a transaction is done in the banking hall, your account officer should be aware so that the person can identify the authenticity of the currency.
  5. Question: How do we know people who advertise on are not fraudsters?
    Answer: We ensure that only realistic requests are made on our platform.